Friday, 13 January 2012

My NARS Wishlist!

Hey everyone, so I thought I'd share with you my NARS wishlist at the moment, but I'm sure the list will grow a lot bigger soon! But at the moment I can't justify spending a silly amount of money on some makeup which I don't need right now, sad face :(

From L-R...
Sheer Matte Foundation in Mont Blanc, as I think I have pinkey tones in my skin? But I guess I'll never know as there isn't a NARS cosmetics counter any where near me :(

Arabian Nights Trio Eyeshadows, the reasoning behind why I'd like these is fairly self explanatory don't you think? These dark colours with glitter are gorgeous, as most of my eyeshadows are more neutral colours - I think I need to live a little and be daring! Haha.

Due Concealer / Vanilla & Honey, I think I just want this as I haven't really tried anything like it before! I'm assuming that Vanilla&Honey are my colours as it states it's for fair complextions like myself.

Blush / Super Orgasm, Just the name of this makes me laugh! But this colour is so gorgeous, my friend has this and when I saw it I thought wow! It's such a pretty pink with golden/peachy glitter, it's reem! I have the lipgloss in Super Orgasm which is amazing, so why not match it with my blush? You know it's clever thinking!!

Blush / Luster, I thought that this would go well with Super Orgasm, but it could turn out to be a mess! But I think it would look pretty :) It's a sheer golden apricot.

Balancing Foam Cleanser, To be honest, the main reason why I would most like to try this product is out of curiosity, I've read good reviews on it and as I have oily/combination skin, it looks like it would do a pretty good job!

Does anyone recommend or dislike any of these products? Do tell !! Mimi xx

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  1. I have the normal Nars Orgasm blush and i think its gorgeous! It is highly pigmented and does have a lot of gold shimmer in it already, so Super Orgasm must be like a glitter bomb! I really wanna get the Super Orgasm gloss though! xx


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