Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How To: Blue Glitter Nails!

Hey everyone. Sorry that it's been so long since I last posted, I've just been working a fair bit thankfully, raking in the hours ha :P So basically today's post is on the blue glitter nails I did! Originally I was going to just have all my nails blue and then glitter on my ring fingers, but then I thought what the ek' I may as well do them all! And I'm so glad I did as I love having nails like this ha!
I know that they are messy but hey gimmie a break it was my first attempt ;) Unfortunately I took loads of photos and none of them turned out how I wanted or do the nails any justice :| but trust me, they look amazing! A really great statement nails and I got lots of compliment from people.. Apart from my dad who called me 'unprofessional' but we'll leave that one out haha.

I'll just go through the steps of how I did it below! :)

1.) Push all cuticles back so you have a good area of nail to work with and make sure your nails are relatively in good condition (as you have to use a fair bit of polish remover to get rid of glitter).

2.) Apply a blue nail polish - I used OPI Fly which was part of the Nicki Minaj Collection which was released Jan 2012. I only used 1 coat.

3.) Put a piece of paper under your hand and put some glitter from the container into the container lid, so it's more easier to control. When the blue polish is dry I then apply a thick coat of Top coat on one nail and then sprinkle glitter (from the lid) all over the nail. It obviously goes all over the nail and finger but that's the fun of it ha!

4.) Then press down on the nail making sure all areas have been covered. Leave for a minute and  then get your cuticle stick and remove the glitter from the cuticles. Then use an old dry brush to brush off any glitter still remaining on the nail which isn't needed.

5.) Once all nails have been done, I then apply a thin layer of Top coat just to get that added shine onto the nails. Tip: Run a thick layer at the end of the nail, as it helps reduce the amount of chipping.

After that's all done there WILL without a doubt be a lot of mess... But it's so worth it! All the excess glitter will have fallen (hopefully) onto the paper which you placed under your nail, carefully fold this in half and you should be able to filter back into the pot! I then put some lukewarm water into a bowl and carefully rub your hands and the sides of your nails to get rid of the escapee glitter pieces!

I found that the best way to remove the glitter and polish would be to soak cotton pads in polish remover, hold onto the nail and place tin foil over that. Keep on for about 5-10 minutes and then give them a good scrub! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'd love to see all your glitter nails! Lots of love :) xxx


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