Saturday, 5 May 2012

MAC Fix+

Hello everyone! The sun has been shining today so that always puts me in a 'bang tidy' mood (yes I have just been listening to Keith Lemon haha). I thought I'd share with you today my views on MAC Fix+ as I recently got it and showed you in a haul.

I purchased the 100ml with was £12.50, but there is an option to opt for a smaller version of 30ml which is £7. Even if you aren't sure on this product I would suggest to go for the 100ml as you'll be surprised how often you use it! And if you keep repurchasing the 30ml it will work out £23.33 per 100ml so just buy the big one! Haha I hope that made sense.

Initially the reason why I wanted to buy Fix+ was because of all the weird and wonderful things I've heard about it and the different ways you can use it! The main thing I use it for is to spray my brushes before I apply eye shadow, it makes the eye shadows look so much more like they do in the pan, so they are completely true to colour and look a lot more pigmented. It doesn't make it any more difficult to blend the colour either which I thought it might so that's fantastic! For an example below I have swatched Twinks by MAC and you can see the massive difference it makes!!

You can also use this method on your brushes when applying your liquid foundation which gives you that nice dewy finish.

Left is with using Fix+ and Right is without.

Another good thing I like to use this for is after I have a shower or bath my face seems to get quite tight and dry, so I do about 3 spritzes on my face and I feel nice and fresh again!
If you've done your foundation and applied your powder on top, if you feel your face is quite dry then do a few sprays and you will get a nice dewy sheen which isn't too over the top and doesn't look like you've just sprayed yourself with water lol. 

I love that this is part of the Back To MAC as I'm sure I will be going through a lot of these! Definitely a 5/5 product and would recommend this to people of all different skin types! (I'm oily combination) I hope you check this out as it really is a great price for the product which is surprising for MAC haha. Lots of love and I hope you've enjoyed this post! Mimi xox


  1. omg I never actually used it that way! I only used it on my face :L I shall be ordering this on payday I think! xx

  2. This review has definitely made me realize how much I want this! Definitely getting this on my next Mac run!!

    1. So glad it's helped. Get spraying!! Lol xox

  3. wow, the difference is AMAZING! :) x


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