Wednesday, 4 July 2012

MAC Chocolate Brown Pigment

Pigment time!! Okay so this is the first full sized bottle of pigment I have bought, I previously had 5 mini versions which I believe are from the Tartan Tale Collection, my set was called 'Smoky Thrillseekers  Pigments/Glitter' but I might be wrong ha it was a long time ago! But anyway...

When I saw this online on the MAC website I thought it looked like the eyeshadow I've been missing! It's described as 'Chocolate/Copper Bronze' which in all honesty is exactly what it is, but I was hoping for a deep brown colour with now golden/bronze undertones which is exactly what it has :( It is a very medium copper brown colour which I personally do not like copper on my eyes as I find it just looks orangey (not just this pigment, other eye shadows too!)

It is very pretty and shimmery and I will most definitely be using it all up, I am disappointed that it isn't exactly what I thought it would be, also bearing in mind it is £16.50, so is it really worth it?? It comes with a little plastic lid which is handy for when you open the bottle the pigment doesn't go everywhere!

(L) Twinks, (R) Chocolate Brown
As pictured above, I think that it is a very similar to MAC's eye shadow in Twinks. The orangey undertones are extremely alike to each other, although the Chocolate Brown Pigment presents more of a shimmery sheen, but pigments are also a lot harder to blend (just in my opinion)
Well I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be speaking to you all soon! Lots of love xox


  1. That is sooo pretty!
    It reminds me of Satin Taupe and twinks.

    Very lovely colour, might just be my next purchase...

  2. This looks gorgeous! MAC pigments are amazing :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)


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