Thursday, 24 January 2013

MAC Dazzleglass - Steppin' Out

MAC Dazzleglass Steppin' out - Review

Afternoon ladies, I was rummaging through my makeup desk earlier and stumbled across this lipgloss and couldn't believe that I haven't already done a post on it!! I got this gloss for my birthday last August and I don't understand why there is so much profuct left in the tube as I've used it ridiculous amounts.. well that's a good start!

First off I'm going to say how gorgeous is this colour! I saw this in the MAC store near me and under the lights it look fantastic so I was instantly drawn to it (there came dad with his card for my birthday!! he was thrilled of course). There's no particular reason why I chose Steppin' Out over the other fabulous shades, I'm just very much drawn to pink shiny glittery things!

Dazzleglass' retail at £17.00 each for a 2.4ml tube. I believe there are 17 shades in the permanent collection but please don't hold me to that! MAC describes Steppin' Out as a 'clean yellow pink with red pearl' which I would slightly disagree with as I don't see any red shimmer or red undertones, if anything it is more pink and blue particles! The shine on this gloss is fantastic, although very annoying when it's a windy day as your hair will definitely get stuck to your face!

When applying this lipgloss it does feel a bit heavy, but doesn't feel overly sticky and you can't feel any grit from the glitter. It sparkles so well in any light so is bound to stand out. I like to wear this gloss on it's own but would go perfectly on top of a blue based lipstick, such as MAC Naughty Saute.

I'd love to know if any of you bloggers have tried MAC Dazzleglass before and what are your thoughts? I'd highly recommend going to a store and trying one out - you won't regret it! xox


  1. I adore the Mac Dazzleglass Lipglosses! The sparkles are so pretty

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. Oh my goshhh, this is so lovely! I'm gonna have to go and get it haha

  3. so pretty! I like dazzle glasses, but I only have one in Funtabulous. I love the way it sparkles


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